Meet our people

“Very fast moving company and I have to accelerate my personal speed to catch up with the entire movement. Plenty of room for me to improve and challange my self”Eko Haryanto, Head of Procurement

“I was placed in Batam for half a year. Working together with new people in Batam was a very exciting and unforgettable experience” Febria Megasari (Ega), Procurement Dept

“Very good working ambiance. Personally I can feel an atmosphere of hardworking and professional people”Daeng Caca Rusdianto, Supervisor

“Working on the improvement with Navigators on site is not magic. It is a combined effort. And a chance to work with a unique team means fun as well!”Aryo Indradi, Head of QHSE

“Very delightful working environment”Yuliana Sianipar, Safety coordinator

“Neat working environment that is safe and comfortable, also I have the chance to meet with people who are extraordinary and have a desire to change for the better”Mariano Ristantio, QHSE Team