MAXpower’s main target market is Indonesia where growth and potential for distributed power generation is among the largest in the world. Indonesia and other emerging markets in the region are in need for affordable, fast and scalable  power to support the growth in the region and to increase electrification ratio’s.

It is estimated that Indonesia needs more than US$ 10bln investments in the power sector per year to increase its installed capacity from 40GW (2013) to 100GW by 2022. MAXpower mainly focuses on gas fired power generation supported by the strong demand in gas fired power generated capacity in the region. Our distributed power plants will be supporting the growing demand for electricity as well as the replacement of the existing expensive diesel fired power plants.

It is believed that the Indonesian government can only support half of the investments needed for power generation. The Ministries and PLN face some challenges of capacity in executing the projects (execution rate for capital expenditure was 40%).

Although Coal still dominates the power (and export revenue) market. The energy sector in Indonesia has shown a shift in composition; from crude production (in decline) to natural gas. The gas market is developing fast in the region which will support MAXpower’s business plan.

MAXpower’s key competitive advantage that differentiates it from its competitors is the ability and pace at which we can deliver “Fast Power” to our customers. With our in-house engineering, project management and construction team and the strategic  partnership with Standard Chartered and local investors we deliver what emerging markets need; small to medium sized fast power solutions.

In doing so, we work closely with our customers and business partners to ensure the right energy solution is delivered Efficiently, Effectively and “Fast”.